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·         Odela Railway Station

The cast

Hebah Patel plays Radha, Vasishta N. Simha plays Tirupati, Pujita Ponnada plays Spoorthi, and Sai Ronak plays IPS officer Anudeep.

The story

Odela railway station is an exciting crime thriller that tells the story of the village being troubled by a serial killer. A young IPS officer gets posted in this village and is assigned to find out who committed the murders. The movie is about the suspense regarding who the killer is, how the IPS officer finds the culprit, etc.

Odela Railway Station Review: An intriguing Telugu crime thriller which  stays on track

·         Sardar

The cast

Karthi plays the dual role of Sardar and his son Vijay Prakash, and Raashi Khanna plays the role of Shalini in this movie. The other characters include Rajisha Vijayan, Chunky Panday, Laila, Rithvik, etc.

The story

The spy action thriller Sardar tells the story of a RAW agent named Sardar, who is falsely accused as a national traitor. His son Vijay Prakash becomes a police inspector but faces many problems because of his father’s actions. Later in the movie, he tries to find out more about a case, which eventually leads him to certain information about the truth about his father. The next part of the movie continues with certain suspense and flashbacks, with both the father and son trying to solve a problem.

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